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Map of Hong Kong Ocean Terminal, Harbor City


Ocean Terminal is a finger pier of overall length 381 meters orientated E-W and of open piled construction. Berths are provided symmetrically about the pier centerline on both its north and south side. It is the sole cruise terminal in Hong Kong and accommodated many luxurious and elegant cruise vessels like Queen Elizabeth 2, Norway, and the latest Star Princess since its debut. The terminal building of 58 meters wide extends from the shore westwards along the centerline of the pier for 305 meters. It is constructed on its own substantial substructure passing through the main pier deck. Including the rooftop, it is a 5-storey multi-purpose building. The lower three floors are shops providing variety of merchandise and delicious food while the upper two floors are car parks. A single storey structure of 21 meters wide extends further down to Canton Road providing lorry access direct to the pier at ground level and car access by ramp to a setting down area on the first floor adjacent to the concourse and to the car parks above.

Map of Hong Kong Ocean Terminal

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