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Hong Kong Dining & Food - Restaurants for Rice Eating

As the "Culinary Capital of Asia", you can find all kinds of food in Hong Kong. But like most Asians, Hong Kong grew up with rice as an integral part of their staple diet.
Rice in itself is a basic and simple food item. However, a simple bowl of rice brings out the flavors of many wonderful dishes.

Hong Kong Dining - Rice

The following is a list of most famous restaurants and shops and their Rice Dishes:

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1. Forum Restaurant (????)

Brother Yat's fried rice looks good, smells good and tastes good. What's the secret?

My secret is never to male light of any step in the process of making fried rice. Do not be sloppy about the control of the flame's intensity and the sequence of cooking the ingredients.

As a member of Le Club Des Chefs and the club's ambassador in Hong Kong, Mr. Yeung Koon Yat, aka Brother Yat, was the first to start frying rice in a ceramic pot. He uses expensive ingredients in his signature fried rice. The slightly charred crispy rice and the flavored ingredients will surely fascinate diners.

2. Hoi King Heen (???)

Look at their movements; both the chef and the rice are dancers on their stage!

With fresh water shrimps as its star ingredient, the Hoi King Heen's Zangzhou Fried Rice also has a mix of supporting ingredients. The rice is stir-fried over an intense flame to drive out moisture and oil. The menu constantly changes with seasonal items to cater to the demands of Hong Kongers.

3. Luk Yu Tea House (????)

Savor its food and experience the unique Hong Kong cultural ambience in this traditional tea house.

The Michelin Guide describes Luk Yu as a teahouse 'on the verge of distinction'. An appropriate description since the place has a truly gentle, cultured and scholarly ambience. The chefs are all skilled so that when they stir-fry the rice, they make it seem that every grain jumps all over the wok like the grains are dancing. The freshly made fried rice appears golden yellow. Another indication of excellent fried rice is that its grains don't stick to one another.

4. Tai Woo Restaurant (?????)

There is an extensive range of ingredients in Yangzhou Fried Rice. It looks nice, tastes nice. No doubt it is one of my favorites.

Open until 3am daily, Tai Woo Restaurant is a haven for sleepless diners. Its innovative and unusual cooking techniques have continuously earned them the 'Best of the Best Culinary Awards'. Fresh ingredients and a tasty stock are used to cook its traditional Yangzhou Fried Rice, making its version of a singular experience. Another award-winning must-try dish is Salt Baked Chicken with Sesame.

5. Yung Kee Restaurant (????)

The Rice with Barbecued Goose of Yung Kee is deeply profound!

Yung Kee has grown from a barbecued meat stall in Central into a world-famous eatery. Just imagine 400 barbecued geese are sold here every day! This impressive result is attributed to the commitment to quality food making of Mr. Kam Kin Wai, the restaurant's second-generation owner. The freshly barbecued goose has a paper-thin, crispy and succulent skin. With its oil gently dissolved into the rice, the dish is an absolute delight. Goose and rice make a perfect match.

6. Tak Yu Restaurant (????)

Though the Japanese also make barbecued pork, they just cannot miss the chance to eat some more, this time with local Hong Kong flavors!

This restaurant features vintage and classic decors that bring you back to the authentic old Hong Kong. Tak Yu offers a wide range of classic Cantonese-style dim sum, with its signature barbecued pork. The semi-fat pork is rightly barbecued, making it tender, soft, crispy, juicy and not oily. What a fiesta of flavors.

7. Jacky's Kitchen (????)

Chinese culinary culture dates back to ancient times. Lotus leaf is often found in many dishes. Innovative chefs of Hong Kong ably use it to create a variety of distinguished and delightful dishes such as the refreshing Steamed Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf. We have invited Jacky to show how to make the dish.

8. Fung Shing Restaurant (????)

Fung Shing is a friendly teahouse that has been in Hong Kong since 1954. It is committed to making quality food from affordable ingredients. The must-eat item here is definitely the Steamed Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf. Fresh lotus leaf is used to wrap glutinous rice, lotus seeds, shrimps, dried scallops and barbecued goose dices. Upon serving at the table, a medley of flavors soon fills up the surroundings and leaves you happily content. From lunchtime dim sum to dinnertime dishes, the local tastes they offer will never fail to surprise you.

9. Lei Garden (????)

Lei Garden is a Michelin l-star restaurant located at the ifc mall in Central. Well-known for its Cantonese cuisine, there are quite a number of noticeable western elements added to its food and decor. The well-received Steamed Glutinous Rice with Shredded Chicken is a good example. Every day, the chef prepares the glutinous rice, mushrooms and yolks of salted duck eggs in a traditional way, but the final products are served in a delicate western style.

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