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Hong Kong Dining & Food - Rice Noodles Restaurants

Rice noodles are noodle strips made of rice which is vastly grown in South China. It is a staple food in Guangdong and South East Asia. Rice noodles are like an artist's blank canvas that acts as the foundation to many great dishes. Rice noodles versatility and flexibility closely mirror the characteristics of Hong Kong People's ability to successfully adapt to change.

Hong Kong Dining - Rice Noodles

The following is a list of most famous restaurants and their Rice Noodles.

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1. Sun King Kee Noodle (??????)

Having participated in the series "The Taste of Happiness" which is jointly shot in Hong Kong and Japan, I understand the story behind and affection between the Hong Kong people and fish ball rice noodles. It seems that I have a closer relationship with fish ball rice noodles now.

Hong Kong people eat fish ball rice noodles as the Japanese eat udon, while the Taiwanese eat beef noodles. All of them are filled with childhood memories and feelings of home. Sun King Kee hand makes fish balls every day using fresh sea-fish like swamp eel, mackerel, baby eel and wat chai, the fish balls are wonderfully springy and tasty. It is no wonder that 50 catties are sold daily. Today, the family's third generation operates Sun King Kee and its magnificent history is etched in the 1940s decor that adorns the shop.

2. Dai Kee (????)

The texture of Lai fen is similar to that of thicker rice vermicelli. But as it is made from pure rice paste, you can feel the strong scent of rice in it!

Pronounced Lai fen in Cantonese, this is a kind of round-shaped rice noodles. Empty seats are hard to come by almost all day with the crowds flocking to enjoy the lai fen handmade daily by the master chef. To make these special noodles, rice is first grounded and its powder is made into paste. The concentrated paste is then poured into a metal cylinder, punched with holes in the bottom, for compression into strips of Lai fen. Whether Lai fen is matched with deep-fried crispy cuttlefish rolls or spareribs in vinegar, its light flavor is always distinct.

3. Kau Kee Restaurant (????)

Kau Kee Restaurant is undeniably tasty!

From humble beginnings as a roadside stall 80 years ago, Kau Kee is now a reputable restaurant highly regarded for its beef brisket in broth. Kau Kee has earned plaudits from local and foreign media. Patrons come from around the world and even famous movie stars like Nick Cheung and Takeshi Kaneshiro are its regulars. Its main attraction is its tender and springy beef brisket cooked with a secret recipe and its flavorful broth stewed with Chinese herbs and beef bone. This delectable combination is served with soft and flimsy rice noodles. Happy eating!

4. Lok Yuen Beef Ball King (??????)

Lok Yuen has been open for many years but the quality of its signature beef balls remains superb. Well done!

From cattle farming to factory production to retail sales, Lok Yuen makes beef balls all on its own. Persistence in using beef without any other meat gives every handmade beef ball the real taste of beef. They also constantly create new flavors such as Beef Ball with Black Pepper and Beef Ball with Fish Maw. Recently, they also made Pork Balls with Valuable Abalone. The first to put abalone in a pork ball, Lok Yuen knows no boundaries to its gourmet.

5. Ho Hung Kee Congee and Noodle Shop ?????????

Ho Hung Kee uses lard to cook its Stir-Fried Rice Noodles with Beef. That's why I appreciate it!

Founded in 1946, Ho Hung Kee refuses to open any new branches despite their flourishing business. Second generation successor, Mr. Ho Kwun Ming, explains this is to ensure high standard of food quality and consistency. Ho Hung Kee employs a time-honored method with lard to stir-fry rice noodles with beef. Every strip of rice noodles is wholly coated with the restaurant's secret recipe magic sauce. Every slice of beef is fresh and tender.

6. Tai Ping Koon Restaurant (?????)

It was my happiest moment to dine out at Tai Ping Koon when I was a kid. The dishes in Swiss sauce were my favorites!

The 'Swiss sauce' of Tai Ping Koon Restaurant enjoys great popularity among locals and Westerners. Once upon a time, a foreigner went to Tai Ping Koon in Guangzhou and ordered 'Sweet Marinade Chicken Wings'. After eating, he exclaimed, "Sweet! Sweet! Good!" The waiter mistook the word'sweet' as 'Swiss' and told his boss about it. Since then, 'Sweet Marinade Chicken Wings' was renamed 'Swiss Chicken Wings' by Tai Ping Koon. After a hundred years of operation, it still spends five hours a day cooking the 'Swiss' sauce with premium light soy sauce, chicken bones, carrots, onions, spices and a sauce with essences accumulated over the last few decades. It is undeniably fragrant and irresistible.

7. West Villa Restaurant ??????

Next time when I visit Hong Kong, I have to try the rice vermicelli!

Recommended by the Michelin Guide, one should definitely try West Villa's famous Stir-Fried Xinzhu Rice Vermicelli with Crab Meat. Upon ordering, a waiter will wheel in a trolley laden with ingredients led by crab meat, shrimps and shreds of Jinhua ham and stir-fried in a Chinese style pot in front of the customers. The threads of rice vermicelli do not stick together, are dry enough and palatable. West Villa is also famous for its Cantonese-style dim sum such as Silhouette on the Snow and Steamed Bun with Barbecued Pork Filling.

8. Tong Kee Steamed Vermicelli Roll Specialize (???????)

In today's Hong Kong, it is not easy to find a shop like Tong Kee which specializes in one kind of food!

There are not many shops in Hong Kong renowned as rice roll experts. Tong Kee, founded in the 1980s, is one of the best offering as many as 38 kinds of rice rolls. Apart from traditional ones like Rice Rolls with Fresh Shrimps, Rice Rolls with Roast Pork and Rice Rolls with Beef, there are unusual varieties like Rice Rolls with Pork Liver and Rice Rolls with Roast Duck. Its steam cabinet, which produces heat three times higher than those of other restaurants, makes rice rolls especially fragrant, smooth and translucent. It is always crowded once it opens from 7pm to 2am.

9. Lung King Heen ?????

I have never thought that such paper-thin rice rolls can wrap such as wide range of food items!

Lung King Heen at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel is the only restaurant in Hong Kong to receive three Michelin stars. Commanding spectacular views of Victoria Harbor, the atmosphere is modern and stylish, featuring embroidered glass screens and silver-plated ceilings from Italy. Must-try items include a series of rice rolls with prestigious seafood fillings, available only on Saturdays, and baked whole abalone puffs. There are also many deliciously affordable Chinese dim sum and other delectable dishes on weekdays.

10. One Dim Sum (???)

Japanese are rice lovers, however, there is no food made from rice paste in Japan. Rice rolls in Hong Kong bear a strong and aromatic scent of rice. Japanese and foreign tourists will love it.

With Western-style interiors, One Dim Sum defines unconventionality by operating in the mode of a fast food shop. Yet, it adopts the most traditional way to make hand-pulled rice rolls which is hot, delicate and delectable. The owner, Mr. Yeung, explains, "Dim Sum is the quintessential Cantonese food, but it can only be found in Chinese restaurants. Rejuvenating the shop's image could bring in young customers and let them eat in a more relaxed atmosphere".

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