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Maps of Jiangsu

Jiangsu Province Location of China

Tourist Maps of Jiangsu Province - Jiangsu travel maps we have listed the following are targeted to guide your Jiangsu tour, including, the Jiangsu map, Nanjing maps, Nanjing travel maps, Nanjing hotel map, Suzhou maps, Suzhou hotel map, Yangzhou travel maps, Wuxi travel maps, etc.

Jiangsu, an eastern Chinese Province with over 1000 kilometers coastline along the Yellow Sea, has two great rivers flowing through it: the Yangtze River from west to east and Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal from north to south. The province has been one of the top tourist destinations for China tour because of its notable cities and tourist attractions. Nanjing, one of the six ancient capitals of China, is located at the south bank of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, boasting numerous scenic spots such as the Yangtze River Bridge; Suzhou, a well-known garden city, is a tourist city as well as the home to cotton, silk and wool; Wuxi, homeland of fish and rice, features as the Taihu Lake. The province is worth your visit.

Attractions and Places of Interest in Jiangsu

  • Dr. Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum ( Zhongshanling)
  • Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum ( Mingxiaoling)
  • Zhonghua Gate ( Zhonghuamen)
  • Confucius Temple (Fuzimiao)
  • Xuanwu Lake (Xuanwuhu) 
  • Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge ( Nanjingchangjiangdaqiao)
  • Suzhou: Pan Gate (Panmen)
  • Tiger Hill (Huqiushan)
  • Hanshan Temple (Cold Mountain Temple) ( Hanshansi)
  • Classical Gardens of Suzhou (Suzhouyuanlin)
  • Lingering Garden (Liuyuan)
  • Master of the Nets Garden (Wang Shi Yuan)
  • Blue Wave Pavilion (Canglang Ting);
  • Humble Administrator's Garden (Zhuozhengyuan)
  • Zhouzhuang Water Town (Zhouzhuang)
  • Wuxi: Lake Tai (Taihu)
  • The Grand Canal (Dayunhe)
  • Grand Buddha (Lingshan Dafo)

Jingsu Travel Maps

Jiangsu Province Map 2011, 2012

Jiangsu Attractions Map

Jiangsu Attractions Map

Jiangsu Top Attractions

Jiangsu Top Attractions

Jiangsu Location & Topography Map

Jiangsu Location & Topography

Detailed Jiangsu Travel Map

Detailed Travel Map of Jiangsu

Nanjing Travel Maps

Nanjing Subway Map 2009

Nanjing Subway Map 2009

Detailed Nanjing Travel Map

Detailed Travel Map of Nanjing

Suzhou Travel Maps

Suzhou Center Map

Suzhou Center Map

Zhouzhuang Travel Map

Travel Map of Zhouzhuang

Southern Tiger Hill Map

Map of Southern Tiger Hill

Suzhou Lion Forest Garden Map

Map of Lion Forest Garden

Canglang Pavilion Map

Map of Canglang Pavilion

Tongli Map 2010

Tongli Map 2010

Travel Guide of Zhuozheng Garden

Humble Administrator's Garden Guide

Zhuozheng Garden Map

Travel Map of Zhuozheng Garden

Detailed Suzhou Tourist Map

Travel Map of Suzhou - Detailed

Grand Canal Travel Maps

Grand Canal Sketch Map

Map of the Grand Canal Line

Grand Canal Location Map

Location Map of Grand Canal

Detailed Grand Canal Map

Detailed Map of Grand Canal

Yangzhou Travel Maps

Detailed Yangzhou Tourist Map

Detailed Tourist Map of Yangzhou

Wuyi Travel Maps

Detailed Wuxi Travel Map

Detailed Travel Map of Wuxi

Taihu Travel Maps

Jiangsu Taihu Lake Sketch Map

Sketch Map of Taihu Lake

Detailed Map of Tai Lake

Detailed Map of Taihu Lake


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