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Maps of Jiangxi

Jiangxi Province in China

Located in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, Jiangxi Province will present a variety of options to the tourisrts looking for the places that have the pristine beauty of the misty mountains, fresh water lakes and the modern and ancient Chinese historical sites and attractions which whet their appetite for learning about the culture. The notable tourist destinations and cities include Nancheng, Jingdezhen – China's Capital of Procelain, Jiujiang, Ganzhou, etc, and the most famous tourist attractions are the Poyang Lake, not only the biggest fresh water lake in China, but also the largest winter habitat fot white cranes, Mt. Lushan, a wonderful summer resort with the lush mountains, and Jinggangshan Mount. In addition, the black tea produced in Ningzhou City and the green tea produced in Wuyuan City are well known throughout China.

Attractions and Jiangxi in Jiangxi

  • Lushan National Park ( Lushanguojiagongyuan, 庐山国家公园)
  • Mount Longhu (Longhu Shan, 龙虎山)
  • Jingdezhen Old Street (Porcelain Capital)( Jingdezhen, 景德镇)
  • Poyang Lake (Poyanghu, 鄱阳湖)
  • Tengwang Pavilion ( Tengwangge, 滕王阁)
  • Mt. Jinggang ( Jinggangshan, 井冈山)

Jiangxi Travel Maps

Jiangxi Province Map 2011, 2012

Jiangxi Attractions Map

Detailed Map of Jiangxi Attractions

Jiangxi Physical Map

Jiangxi Physical Map

Map of Jiangxi Transportation

Map of Jiangxi Transportation

Jiangxi Wuyuan County Travel Map

Detailed Travel Map of Wuyuan County

Jingdezhen Travel Maps

Jingdezhen Tourist Map

Tourist Map of Jingdezhen Town

Jinggangshan Travel Maps

Tourist Map of Jinggangshan Scenic Area

Tourist Map of Jinggangshan Scenic Area


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