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Jilin Travel Maps - Tourist Attractions in Jilin

Maps of Jilin

Jilin Province in China

Jilin Travel Maps - Located in the central part of China's northeast region, Jilin Province enjoys its favorable temperate climate due to its location, which includes a lengthy winter with snow that can start as early as October and last until April. Descape the winter cold, tourists flock here for the Ice Lantern Festival and the winter sports. It is known as an area for winter sports and has produced some of the best ski resorts in China. Moreover, Jilin has many other natural and historical attractions to entertain its residents and visitors. The notable tourist attractions and destinations include the Changbaishan Scenic Area, Songhua Lake, Xianghai, etc.

Attractions and Places of Interest in Jilin

  • Changbai Mountain (Baekdu Mountain) (Changbaishan)
  • Heaven Lake (Tianchi)
  • Songhua River ( Songhuajiang)
  • Jilin Provincial Museum ( Jilinshengbowuguan)
  • Changchun Film City (Changyingshijicheng)

Jilin Travel Maps

Jilin Map 2011,2012

Jilin Attractions Map

Jilin Attractions Map

Jilin Top Scenic Areas Map

Map of Jilin Top Scenic Areas

Jilin Topographic Map

Jilin Topographic Map

Changchun Travel Maps

Changchun Attractions Map

Changchun Attractions Map

Changbaishan Travel Maps

Changbaishan Skiing Tourist Routes Map

Tourist Routes of Changbaishan Skiing

Changbaishan North & West Slope Map

Map of Changbaishan North & West Slope in Chinese

Changbaishan Western Foot Travel Map (in Chinese)

Travel Map of Changbaishan Western Foot

SonghuaRiver Travel Maps

Songhua River Sketch Map

Sketch Map of Songhua River

Songhua River Tourist Map

Tourist Map of Songhua River


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