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Maps of Qinghai

Qinghai Province Location of China

Named after Qinghai Lake, the largest inland salt-Water Lake in China, Qinghai Province is located in the northeastern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in western China. Snow-covered mountains, icy peaks, deserts, vast pastures and sparkling lakes mesmerize its tourists, while flocks of rare birds and animals dot this unique and colorful natural landscape. The most famous highlights in Qinghai are Ta'er Monastery, which is considered one of the six great monasteries of Gelugpa in Tibetan Buddhism, and the vast Qinghai Lake, which attracts nature lovers who enjoy camping, hiking and bird-watching. Boasting a remote, ancient and mysterious land, Qinghai is a paradise for adventurers and mountaineers.

Attractions and Places of Interest in Qinghai

  • Qinghai Lake (Qinghaihu, 青海湖)
  • Tibet Railway (Qingzang Tielu, 青藏铁路)
  • Great Mosque of Xining (Qingzhendasi, 清真大寺)
  •  Ta'er Monastery ( Ta'ersi, 塔尔寺)
  • Bird Island ( Niaodao, 鸟岛)

Qinghai Travel Maps

Qinghai Province Map 2011, 2012

Map of Qinghai  Attractions

Map of Qinghai Major Attractions

Qinghai Location & Topography Map

Qinghai Location & Topography

Map of Qinghai Tourist Sites

Travel Map of Qinghai Top Tourist Sites

Qinghai Tourist Routes Map

Map of Qinghai Tourist Routes

Xining - Lhasa Tourist Routes Map

Route Map of Xining to Lhasa

Tibet Railway Maps

Qingzang Railway Maps

Sketch Map of Qingzang Railway

Detailed Qinghai-Tibet Railway Map

Topographic Map of China Qingzang Railway


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