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Map of the Bund Shanghai


The map of the Bund Shanghai below shows you the locations of the "world architecture collection" on the Bund of Shanghai, which comprises of 52 houses built in the 19th to the early 20th. These houses used to be foreign firms and financial offices in control of Shanghai's economy. You can see on the map: 1. Shanghai Postal Museum; 2. Natural History Museum of Shanghai Scienceland; 3. Metropole Hotel; 4. Office of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China; 5. AIA Building; 6. Holy Trinity Church; 7. The Consulate General of the Russian Federation; 8. The Japanese Consulate; 9. The Embankment Building; 10. Bund Sightseeing Platform; 11. Huangpu Park; 12. Bund Sightseeing Tunnel; 13. Pudong Development Bank Building; 14. Customs House Clock Tower; 15. South Building of Peace Hotel; 16. Peace Hotel; 17. Bank of China Building; 18. Shanghai Mansion; 19. Pujiang Hotel; 20. Meteorological Tower; 21. Waibaidu Bridge; 22. Sichuan Road Bridge; 23. Zhapu Road Bridge

Detail Map fo The Bund and the World Architecture

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