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Shanghai Buses Maps & Lines

There are almost 1000 formal bus lines in Shanghai, including the Downtown and Suburban lines, served by about 20 bus companies.

Shanghai Buses Maps

Line numbers under 200 are conventional buses, among which lines under 30 are trolley buses (except 18 and 21).

Line numbers between 200 and 299 are mostly lines dedicated for rush-hour only, with some exceptions where those numbers are used for conventional buses.

Line numbers between 300 and 399 are night buses.

Line numbers between 400 and 499 are buses that cross the Huangpu River. There are also many other bus lines that cross the Huangpu River.

Line numbers between 500 and 599 are special-line connecting buses.

Line numbers between 600 and 699 are special-line buses in Pudong.

Line numbers between 700 and 799 are suburban conventional lines. Most 700s buses have at least one terminal beyond Outer Ring Road (A20 Road).

Line numbers between 800 and 899 are special-line buses. Most of them are mid-size buses, but now they are being replaced with air-conditioned large buses.

Line numbers between 900 and 999 are special-line buses. Most of them are full-size and air-conditioned.

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