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Map of Historical and Cultural Sites near Duolun Road


Below is a map of Shanghai showing the historical and cultural sites near Duolun Road. You can find on the Map: 1. Duolun Road of Cultural Celebrities; 2. Shanghai Duolun ModerN Art Museum; 3. Art Museum of Zhu Qizhan; 4. Collection Hall of Nanjing Clocks; 5. Hall of Curios; 6. Museum of the Portrait Badges of Mao Zedong; 7. Shanghai Porcelain Hall; 8. House of 300 Ink-stones; 9.Museum of Chopsticks; 10. Jingwu Sports Society; 11. Old Site of the Indian Sikh Temple; 12. Old Site of Nishi Honganji Temple; 13. Allen Memorial Church; 14. Gongfei Café; 15. Old Film Café; 16.Shanghai Lu Xun Memorial; 17. The Former Residence of Lu Xun; 18. Tomb of Lu Xun; 19. The Former Site of Uchiyama Bookstore; 20. Ohel Moshe Synagogue; 21. Hongdetang Church; 22. Kong (Xiangxi) Residence; 23. Plum Pavilion / Plum Ground.

Historical & Cultural Sites near Duolun Road

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