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Map of Nanjing Road & Jing'an Temple in Shanghai


The detailed map of Shanghai below shows the Jing'an Temple and its neighborhood near Nanjing Road West. It is an area offering glamorous attractions in history and culture. You can find on the map: 1. The Academy of Full Circle and Enlightenment; 2. The Garden of Awakening; 3. Shanghai Grace Church; 4. OCM Grace Church; 5. St. Teresa Catholic Church; 6. Jing'an Garden of Eight Views; 7. Moller Residence; 8. Former Residence of Cai Yuanpei; 9. M50; 10. Paramount Ballroom; 11. Majestic Theatre; 12. Shanghai Education Hall; 13. Lilac Garden; 14. Jing'an Temple; 15. Jade Buddha Temple; 16. Shanghai Exhibition Center; 17. Shanghai Commercial City; 18. Shanghai Children's Place; 19. Deyi Building; 20. East China University of Politics and Laws; 21. Yong Quan Fang.

Map of Jing'an Temple and Nanjing Road

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