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Map of Shanghai Longhua Temple and Old Town of Longhua


The detailed map of Southwestern Shanghai below highlights Longhua, the only ancient town with a history of over 1,000 years in downtown Shanghai. On the map you can find: 1. Huabao Zhai Ancient Books Store; 2. Longhua Memorial Hall of Revolutionary Martyrs; 3. Memorial Hall of Huang Daopo; 4. Shanghai Entomological Museum of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; 5. Shanghai Medical History Museum; 6. Guilin Park; 7. South Shanghai Railway Station; 8. Intangible Art Pottery Center; 9. Shanghai Grand Stage; 10. Yu Yin Tang; 11. Bashi Shuangqian Tennis Club; 12. Keen Snooker Bar & Club; 13. Dino’s World; 14. Lombardi Gym; 15. Jin Yi Tang Teahouse; 16. Longhua Temple; 17. Longhua Pagoda; 18. Longhua Martyrs’ Cemetery; 19. Longhua Tourist Town; 20. Shanghai Botanical Garden; 21. Jinjiang Amusement Park.

Map of Longhua Temple and Longhua Old Town

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