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Map of Shanghai Old Town Area & Yuyuan Garden


The detailed map of Shanghai Old Town below shows an area of old neighborhoods around the Yuyuan Garden. You can explore the old city area of Shanghai on the map: 1. Shanghai Old Street; 2. The Manor of Three Hills; 3. Confucian Temple; 4. Exhibition Hall of Private Collections in Shanghai; 5. Hua Bao Lou; 6. Curios Market of the Town God’s Temple; 7. Dongtai Road Curios Market; 8. Shanghai Treasure House; 9. Museum of Silk in Southeastern China; 10. Museum of Clocks and Watches; 11. Yuyuan Garden; 12. The Stage of Yuyuan Garden; 13. Town God’s Temple; 14. The Lake-center Pavilion and the Zigzagging Bridge; 15. Pavilion of the Eaglewood Buddha; 16. Mosque of the Small Peach Garden.

Map of Shanghai Old Town & Yuyuan Garden

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