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Map of People's Square and Nanjing Road


Here is a detailed map of Central Shanghai. The People's Square is located in the very center of Shanghai, close to the popular shopping area of Nanjing Road. You can find on the map: 1. The Pedestrian Street of Nanjing Road E.; 2. Si Hang Warehouse Creative Park; 3. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum; 4. Shanghai Book Mall; 5. Old Books Shop and Curio Shop; 6. Shanghai Foreign Languages Bookstore; 7. Grand Bright Theatre; 8. Shanghai Concert Hall; 9. Yifu Theatre; 10. POP; 11. New World Ice World; 12. Xinxiang Roller Skating Ring; 13. Sega Player's Arena; 14. Tom's World; 15. Breeze Yoga; 16. Physical Fitness & Beauty; 17. Moore Memorial Church; 18. Jazz 37; 19. Shanghai Municipal Government Building; 20. Shanghai Grand Theatre; 21. Shanghai Museum; 22. Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall; 23. Park Hotel; 24. Jinmen Hotel; 25. Shanghai Art Museum

Map of People' Square & Nanjing Road

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