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Map of Xujiahui and its Entertainment Sites


The detailed map below shows the southwestern downtown Shanghai and highlights Xujiahui, a fashionable shopping and entertainment center in Shanghai. You can find on the map: 1. Shanghai Urban Sculpture Space; 2. Fullhouse; 3. Fragrant Camphor Garden; 4. Green Vine Pavilion; 5. Grove of Pine & Bamboo; 6. The Smilling Rubik’s Cube; 7. European Star KTV; 8. Shanghai International Tennis Center; 9. Sun Ray Yoga; 10. EYOGA Center; 11. Kodak Cinema; 12. Paradise Warner Cinema City; 13. Shanghai Film City; 14. Hengshan Cinema; 15. Shanghai Cinema; 16. New York Carnival; 17. NAMCO Video Game World; 18. Bars on Hengshan Road; 19. Bacchus the Wine God; 20. Kevin Café; 21. St. lgnatius Catholic Cathedral; 22. Tomb of Xu Guangqi; 23. Former Residence of Soong Ching Ling; 24. Mausoleum of Soong Ching Ling; 25. Shanghai Arts & Crafts Museum; 26. Hengshan Hotel; 27. Shanghai Community Church; 28. Church of Our Lady; 29. Abbot Apartment.

Map of Xujiahui Entertainment Sites

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