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Shanxi Travel Map

Maps of Shanxi

Shanxi Province in China

Shanxi Travel Map - Lied to the east of the Yellow River, Shanxi Province is endowed with an abundance of cultural sites from a long history and culture, and reputed as the "Chinese Ancient Architecture Museum" because of the ancient and grand structures. The most famous of them include: the Buddhist wonder of the Yungang Grottoes in Datong City, the ancient City of Pingyao which was listed as a World Cultural Heritage site by UNCESCO in 1997, Jinci Temples in Taiyuan, etc. Wutai Mount, Mt. Hengshan, and the Yellow River Waterfall are the famous natural tourist attractions. Besides, the capital city Taiyuan is the place where the International Noodles Festival holds every year. 

Attractions and Places of Interest in Shanxi Province

  • City Wall of Pingyao (Pingyaogucheng)
  • Datong Yungang Grottoes (Datong Yungang Shiku)
  • Taiyuan Jinci Temple (Taiyuan Jinci)
  • Qiao's Compound  ( Qiaojiadayuan)
  • Wang's Compound  ( Wangjiadayuan)
  • Rishengchang Exchange Shop (Qishengchangpiaohao)
  • Ancient Ming-Qing Street (Mingqingyitiaojie)
  • Hanging Monastery  (Xuankongsi)
  • Yanmenguan Pass (Yanmenguan)
  • Mount Hengshan (Heng Shan)
  • Nine-dragon Screen  (Jiulongbi)
  • Twin Pagoda Temple  ( Shuangtasi)

Shanxi Travel Maps

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