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Taiwan tourist maps & Travel Map of Taiwan - Lying in the southeast of Asia, Taiwan is called the Treasure Island for its beautiful natural tourist attractions and abundant historical sites. Thanks to the fluctuant landform and characteristic landscapes, the island has become a top tourist destination and is especially renowned for its grand mountains including: the Mt. Yushan (Jade Mountain), boasting the highest peak in the northeastern Asia, and Mt. Yangming, having the volcanic scenery, natural valleys, waterfalls, hot springs and lots of flower and plant varieties. Ali Mountain and Sun Moon Lake are the landmarks of Taiwan Province of China. The Ali Mount is famous for the Sunrise, Forest Railway, Sacred Trees, Grand Sea of Clouds and the Flamboyant Cheery Blossom, while the Sun Moon Lake is the largest natural lake in Taiwan, located between Mt. Yushan and Aili Mount. There are much more worth your visit.If you thinking of visiting Taiwan make sure you book in with www.expedia.com.tw for a great visit on the Treasure Island.

Attractions and Places of Interest in Taiwan

Taiwan Travel Maps

Taiwan Top Attractions Map

Map of Taiwan Top Attractions

Taiwan Cities & Counties Map

Map of Taiwan Cities & Counties

Yangming Mountain Maps

Yangmingyuan National Park Map

Map of Yangming Mount Park

Ali Mountain Maps

Ali Mount Location & Guide Map

Ali Mount Location & Guide Map

Ali Mount Tourist Map

Tourist Map of Ali Mount

Taipei Subway/Rapid Transit & Taiwan Tour Buses Maps

Taipei Subway Map 2009 & 2010

Taipei Subway Map 2009 & 2010

Taiwan Tour Buses Routes

Taiwan Tour Bus Routes

Site Stations of Taiwan Tour Buses

Sites Stations of Tour Buses

Wuling Farm Maps

Wuling Relaxing Farm Tourist Routes Map

Tourist Routes of Wuling Relaxing Farm

Sun Moon Lake Maps

Sun-Moon Lake Travel Map

Tourist Map of Sun-Moon Lake


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