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Tianjin Subway Map


We provides a rich and detailed map of Tianjin subway lines. There all together are three subways lines. The Line 1 is the Red One, which owns a length of 26.188 kilometers with over 20 stations from Liuyuan in the north to Shuanglin in the south. The Green One stands for the Line 2, which is under construction and will possess a length of 22.56 kilometers and contains 19 stations. The Blue One is the Line 3 which is still under construction as well, and will cover 22.3 Kilometers and includes 19 stations, from Xiaodian to Chanyeyuan Zone.

The Line 1 and the Binhai Line have been operated, and the Line 2 and Line 3 are estimated to be completed in the near future.

Tianjin Subway Network Map

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