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Tourist Map of Northern Everest Mount Tibet


Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek is among the most popular for trekkers in Tibet. We have a tourist map of Mount Everest China, vividly showing Mount Everest's ridges from the view of North Face. We can see the Northeast shoulder and Ridge, West Ridge, the Summit, and the Cliffs. And more, it highlights the climbing route from the North Face to the Summit and the West Ridge.

Climbing route on Everest (Northeast Ridge from Tibet):

Rongbuk Monastery (16909'/5154m) - Everest Base Camp (17000'/5128m) - Advanced Base Camp (21300'/ 6492m) - North Col (23000'/ 7000m) - Camp2 (24750'/ 7000m) - Camp 3 (27370'/ 8300m) - 1st Step (27890'/ 8500m) - 2nd Step (28140'/ 8577m) - Summit (29016'/8844m)


1. The best time to climb Everest is during April and May before summer monsoon season begins.
2. For common travelers, Everest Base Camp is the highest stop their can get in a Everest Trekking tour. For mountaineers, who want to ascent the summite, they need to applicate a special permit .

North Face of Everest Mount

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