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Map of Ningbo Attractions


Map of Ningbo Tourist AttractionsThere is a bilingual tourist map of Ningbo City, Zhejiang, clearly showing the main scenic areas, containing Xuedou Mount, Asok Temple, Tiantong Pavilion, Tiantong Temple, Baoguo Temple, Simng Forest Park, Hometown of the Jiang Family, and Ninghai Hot Spring, etc.. Traveling this city may give you much surprise, because this area is a comprehensive tourist resort, as you can see in the map, it also includes the ecological villages where you can take a rest and enjoy the tranquility that the nature brings, and the golf club offers the perfect place for sporting, and the Xiangshang Film Studio provides you an opportunity to access to the modern film making process. Traveling this amazing land with this helpful map will amaze and delight you.

Beilun District is an international port in Zhejiang province, China, off the easternmost edge of the southern coast of Hangzhou Bay. It primarily services the regional city of Ningbo.

Originally a small fishing town, the presence of a deep sea lane with year-round minimum depth of 17 meters stretching along the coast of Beilun motivated the Chinese Government to build one of the nation's largest deep sea port here. The port is further protected from storms by the mountainous islets of Zhoushan just off the coast of Beilun.

14.31 billion yuan has already been invested in the Beilun port. With the completion of the Hangzhou Bay Bridge in 2008, Beilun is set to receive increased volumes of international freight and be more closely tied to the metropolis of Shanghai. It has been proposed that Beilun port be managed by the Shanghai port authority. That would have been a logical move given that Shanghai's own port and water lane - a mere 11 metres deep - can only accommodate container ships and freighters of 50,000 metric tons deadweight (DWT) or less. Swift and dangerous undersea currents in Shanghai contribute to an inefficient port that costs the city a great deal to keep open, and even then it is often only usable during high tide. Beilun is also home to a small free trade zone that has a concentration of manufacturers focused on vacuum formed packaging and an older plant that manufactured window air conditioners for Fedders.

Ningbo Tourist Attractions Map

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