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Map of Zhejiang Top Attractions


Map of Zhejiang Top Tourist AttractionsHere is a clear map of Zhejiang top attractions, in which you can find the famous mount, for instance, the Mount of Putuo. And you can see the major cities in this province, among which are Hangzhou, Wenzhou and Ningbo. In addition, this clear map plots the location of Zhejiang on the outline map of China.

With spectacular natural sceneries and brilliant cultural relics, Zhejiang has been the most prosperous tourism province in China. Hangzhou, as one of the six ancient capitals in China, is a key national tourist city. The most gorgeous site is the West Lake like a painting all the year. Mt. Yandang is located in Yueqing city, one of China’s ten most famous scenic mountains. Mt. Putuo is actually a small island of Zhoushan Islands, one of the four Sacred Buddhist Mountains in China. Tianyi Pavilion is located in the Ningbo City, the oldest library in China. In addition, Zhejiang is known as the land of rice and fish, as well as the beautiful silk. It is also the birth place of the Chinese Ancient Celadon.

Zhejiang Top Tourist Attractions Map

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