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Map of Zhejiang Geography


Zhejiang Location Map highlights the location of Zhejiang on the outline map of China. The topographic map of Zhejiang shows its landscape such as mountains, rivers, main places of interests like West Lake and also maps its cities (Hangzhou, Shaoxing), counties, and highways in this province.

Zhejiang consists mostly of hills, about 70% of its area. The terrain descends from southwest to northeast. The highest peak is Huangyajian Peak at 1921m, located in the southwest. Valleys and plains are found along the coastline and rivers. The north of the province is just south of the Yangtze Delta, and consists of plains around the cities of Hangzhou, Jiaxing, and Huzhou, where the Grand Canal of China enters from the northern border to end at Hangzhou. There are over three thousand islands along the ragged coastline of Zhejiang. Unique and blessed topography exerts its top attraction in China.

Map of Zhejiang Location & Topography

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